We are making the following Accziom improvements:

  • Simplification of sign-up for people who elect to join your trading organization without an invite i.e. if you create and offer a service as an Accziom webpage.
  • Restructuring the Services Acceptance Page. Now clients will be guided through Services Information -->Engagement Letter -->Pay and Invoice. This will mean they must see every page before signing. Also, if you require them to add their bank details for DD, then they will have to have done so before signing.
  • Setting a payment date. Currently, payment date is automated and varies across payment timeframe i.e. 15 Jan, 16 Feb, 19 March. Rather, you'll have the option to select some date i.e .last day of month.
  • Simplification of Teams. We will not initiate people into a team environment to start their Organization journey. Rather, they can activate teams later if their size warrants more than a single team member.
  • Connect QBO to production environment - for posting invoices.
  • Adding preloaded set of services of businesses that mention they are an accounting or bookkeeping firm